Dedicated To Living Amongst Opposing Forces
December 1 -December 31, 2017

In December, Hall Spassov Gallery will feature work by artist, Benjamin Britton in our second exhibition together. We will hold an artist reception on Friday, December 1st from 5-8pm. This exhibition will run through January 31st.

“The paintings in this exhibition place fragments of visual experiences into a wind tunnel flooded with unnamed forces. The result is that we catch glimpses of representation within something we can recognize as dynamic abstract painting. The specificity of a setting, even if it remains unnamable, is conjured through color, light, and shadow. I am inspired by his experiences living in the polyglot, analog, in-real-life, streets-and-trees, open spaces and built environments occupied by human culture and plants and animals, with little regard for categorization. In this case, the imagery is defined by the treatment of forces moving through the painting.”  -Britton

Benjamin Britton received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts, NY in 1999 and his MFA in painting from UCLA in 2008. His work is included in the public West Collection and the High Museum of Art and many private collections, and has been reviewed in the LA Times and Art in America. Benjamin Britton lives and works in Athens, GA.


SELECTIONS 2002-2017
November 2 -December 31, 2017

In November, Hall Spassov Gallery will feature the work of Erik Hall. Before founding the gallery in 2006, Hall spent the first five years of his now fifteen-year career exclusively painting works on canvas. In this time the artist has managed to create one of the most recognizable styles in American landscape painting today. Hall’s landscapes are a captivating look at what can happen to a traditional subject matter when brought forward with method at the forefront. That is to say that the subject of the painting is not the landscape, but the process itself.

“My work as an artist is the mainstay of my life. I have many interests certainly, but they all in their own way serve painting. My aesthetic has been built through years and years of evolving habit, the depths of which will likely only be known to me. My effort is not to satisfy the public or the patron. It is for me alone. The process is seemingly needless, laborious and tedious. It is often painful even, but every mark is fulfilling a need for me.”

Selections 2002-2017 by Erik Hall will be on view at Hall Spassov Gallery from November 2nd through November 30th 2017. An opening reception will be held at the gallery on November 2nd from 5-8PM with the artist in attendance.


July 7 – August 31, 2017

This month’s show features the work of Lance Morrison and Tracy Taylor Grubbs. While each artist uses abstraction, each does so with different intent. Morrison’s work uses abstraction to draw the viewer to the subject of the piece, tightening ever so slightly in mark towards a specified center. Grubbs’ uses abstraction to convey an idea often diffusing or diminishing detail in favor of remnant marks.

New Works, the latest offerings by Morrison and Grubbs will be on view at Hall Spassov Gallery from July 7th through August 31st, 2017.


As we wrap up our ten year anniversary celebration we are reminded of all of the meaningful events, relationships and individuals who have supported our efforts over the last decade. Like so many years before it, this last year was filled with many unexpected changes. Luckily, we had a camera rolling for all of them. Thank you to Aaron Horton, who with this short film, poignantly captured the meaning and purpose that defines our relationship with each other, with art and the intention of which we live our lives.


Beauquets | Pollination
May 3 – June 30, 2017

Beginning in May Hall Spassov Gallery is pleased to present the first two-woman exhibit with artists Gretchen Gammell and Amy Spassov. Each artist created a new body of work and each artist’s intent reveals cross over in ideals and purpose.

 Beauquets, the latest offerings from Gammell, is inspired and named for her baby daughter Beau. In the artist’s words,She has refreshed my water and caused me to see all things anew. This body of work is heavily laden with rich color and textures, symbolism drawn from classic iconography, and everyday objects found in my home and neighborhood. When I began explaining the world we inhabit to my child, I found renewed meaning in the mundane and a previously unrealized responsibility to my community. Her fresh eyes have replaced my old ones.”

Beauty, seduction and desire; all are precursors to pollination and all are the centerpiece for Spassov’s new works. In the artist’s words, “There is no better place than nature to see the role these elements of attraction play in pollination and ultimately in the survival and evolution of nearly every form of life. A flower’s beauty is not accidental. It is specifically designed to seduce pollinators. Humans are equally susceptible to their charm and while we do not pollinate flowers it does shine a light on perhaps our most important characteristic, which is to love and protect.”  Watch the Bloopers  >>



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