Mars and Pony

In December, Hall Spassov Gallery is featuring work by artist duo, Mars and Pony. Mars and Pony is the collective name for artist duo Gretchen Gammell and Amy Spassov.

Mars and Pony are two entities working as one. As the artists put it: “Two sets of eyes, four hands and one shared purpose.” The trust and intuition built between them results in paintings whose origin remains mysterious, breathing with the energy of a third entity pulsing between the pair. Contact the gallery to view the work. VIEW MORE WORK>>

In the spring of 2017 Hall Spassov finished building a new studio space. This space was designed and built by the owners from the ground up.

The Studio is a multi-use facility for Hall Spassov Gallery. The space is home to a full wood shop, painting studio for Hall and Spassov, custom vintage motorcycles with access to over three hundred works of art from as far away as Barcelona and as close as Seattle.  Call us for an appointment.