Abby Grosvenor

Abby Grosvenor is driven by the making of art. The process, more than the result, is paramount in her work. She can be consumed by a piece while in the midst, but it is the intellectual discovery and the creation that interest her. Completed works are consummated explorations. Abby spent three years teaching art at the Community School in Ketchum and was careful to give her students the tools with which to create art without giving them a prescription for how to do it. Getting the images on paper sometimes comes quickly to her. And, conversely, she has taken most of a day to print a single yellow line. The evolution and development of the ideas takes much longer, often fermenting for months.

Grosvenor achieved commercial success painting landscapes and was formally trained in figurative painting, but has always returned to abstract work. She has had numerous exhibitions in several galleries, but her work has never been market-driven. Her pieces still reflect a reverence for and reference to the landscape and are also influenced by her study as a practicing Buddhist. She remains mindful of the Masters before her, often choosing natural palettes derived from theirs for her work.

Grosvenor’s paintings and prints are at once ethereal and grounded. They exhibit frenetic lines and textures peppered with deliberate patterns and marks. They can instill feelings of calm, disorientation or the passage of time. All of the artist’s pieces reflect her intellectual rigor, meticulous craft and joy of creation.