Chris Dufala

On view through July 31st, 2016


As an artist, I have a responsibility to observe and communicate the successes and failures of the human condition. In doing this, I create representational sculpture and drawings that reflect an imitation of reality through the use of various ceramic processes. The organization of objects and images in these works reveals a conflicting relationship between domestication and the natural world. Once appearing symbiotic, essential and necessary, this social/environmental narrative has seemingly evolved into one of economical convenience.

Adapting this narrative to my work, I employ imagery of domestic utility and industry with the effects of growth and decay. These images manifest as sculpted, molded and slab-printed forms; physically belying their material nature, much as the objects they represent belie their wasteful consumption through the façade of convenience. This notion of deception is important in my work as it resonates with the tactility of the material and suggests that the loss of integrity may be inextricably linked to the idea of progress.