Gretchen Gammell

Beauquets, Opens in Bellevue, May 5th 2017 


Introducing “Beauquets,” inspired by and named for my baby daughter, Beau. She has refreshed my water and caused me to see all things anew. This body of work is heavily laden with rich color and textures, symbolism drawn from classic iconography, and everyday objects found in my home and neighborhood. When I began explaining the world we inhabit to my child, I found renewed meaning in the mundane and a previously unrealized responsibility to my community. Her fresh eyes have replaced my old ones.


Gretchen Gammell’s contribution as an artist is not limited to her ability to move paint. Her capacity to portray an emotion as both storyteller and painter are omnipresent. As you move through her work one cannot help but to note the use of color as an indication of mood, and size and scale as indications of emotional weight. Her characters often seem stoic but always have intense purpose and her tremendous ability as a painter serves that purpose.

Gammell graduated with a degree in painting from Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2003. She has exhibited her watercolor and figurative paintings for the past ten years in Oregon, California, Washington and Vancouver B.C. Her work remains rooted in exploring the female form and mind, while balancing personal issues with the pleasure and intrigue she finds through the unusual color and mark-making of her abstract paintings. Her work can be found in several private collections and notable public collections including the Max Hotel in Seattle and Bellevue Towers in Bellevue, Washington.


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