Harvey Brody

Exhibit scheduled for September 2015, opening September 4th


My aesthetic values developed in part from my years of making three-dimensional objects with clay. Working with such a plastic medium it was natural to take an intuitive approach, letting texture and form guide the creative process. The considerable energy expended was always evident in the final results—work that captured the rhythm of the physical process. That same fresh, intuitive approach is what I bring to my paintings. I like to think I am making music and discovering new connections with my paintings. They are narratives as told by mimes and often the meaning is just out of reach and yet that is what makes them worth telling. Each painting has its own rhythm, a discordant lyricism with notes that are bold, colorful and playful. The disconnections are as important as the connections as you move between the animate and inanimate, between the abstract and imagistic, populated by networks of plant-like forms, flying and swimming beings, human forms and combinations of all of them.

Working in the studio compels me to a more creative life, of finding different forms of expression for that creativity. I have always found ways to transition from one medium to another. It is often done with a struggle but always with a firm conviction to succeed artistically. I went from being a pre-med chemistry major to a M.A. in English literature to a poet to a ceramicist to a mixed media sculptor to a painter. Those skills and that creativity are cumulative: they infuse and inhabit my paintings.